ORBINOX has launched a new line of heavy duty slurry knife gate valves designed for high pressure applications, mostly within the mining industry

The HG series knife gate valve has been especially designed to offer excellent performance and low downtime for heavy-duty, high pressure, high solid concentration, erosive-abrasive and corrosive slurry applications, such as those of tailing lines in mineral ore concentration plants or concentrate slurry transport pipelines. The valve body is designed via a single casting and contains and two field-replaceable elastomer sleeves, the HG is a bi-directional, full port, 100% bubble-tight knife gate valve. Thanks to our experience in the design and manufacturing of specialist valves, we can adapt to suit specific application requirements by offering different materials or fabricated valves as required. 

The ORBINOX HG valve series is available in sizes ranging from DN80mm up to DN600mm. It is suitable for working pressures up to 20 bar and slurry temperatures of 80ºC and comes with either handwheel, gearbox, pneumatic cylinder, electric or hydraulic actuation options.

Here at ORBINOX we have used our extensive experience in knife gate valve design and manufacturing for mining application to offer a comprehensive range of slurry knife gate valves; Our wafer style, light-body VG knife gate valve offers a high performance and economical solution for light to medium-duty abrasive and corrosive slurry applications. The wide-body heavy-duty WG knife gate valve is a perfect choice for the heavy-duty low and medium pressure slurry applications. The HG knife gate valve, whilst also designed for heavy-duty conditions, is equally ideal for highpressure application requirements. 

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15 May 2018