DT (SER.80) model

Double gate bi-directional wafer style knife gate valve for very high consistency or concentration media or fluids

The DT model knife gate is double gate valve widely used in the Pulp and Paper industry (recycling or secondary fibre processing) designed to handle high concentrated or contaminated media. In open position, both gates retract into the body and allow full flow. When closing, the gates push stock and contaminants as staples, wires... out of the body into the flow.
Stroke time is the half of conventional valves.
All components subject to wear are replaceable.

DN 100 to DN 600 (larger diameters on request)

Working pressure
DN 100 to DN 250: 10 bar
DN 300 to DN 400: 6 bar
DN 450: 5 bar
DN 500 to DN 600: 4 bar

Standard flange connection
EN1092 PN10
ANSI B16.5 (class 150)


DIR 2014/68/EU (PED) Fluid: Group 1(b), 2 (Cat. I, mod. A)
DIR 2014/34/EU (ATEX) Please contact Orbinox for information and availability of categories and zones.