AG model

Three-side sealing flush bottom stop gate penstock with no actuator for open channels

The Orbinox model AG Stop Gate is designed for open channel installation in waste water treatment plants, irrigation, hydraulic works and hydro-electric power plants. The slide is hand operated or hoist operated for larger sizes. The sealing system is incorporated on both laterals and bottom area of the slide, resulting in a substantially watertight seal without the nned of wedges on the gate. From sizes 6" x 6" (150mm x 150mm) to 80"x80" (2000mm x 2000mm), the AG model has a unique "lip" type seal design. The leakage rate on the Orbinox stop gate is lower than the maximum alllowable recommended by AWWA (C513-05) under normal conditions. The frame of the AG model is typically embedded in a concrete channel for both uni-directional (seating head only) or bi-directional sealing (seating and unseating water head).

Orbinox can also offer different mounting options such as wall mount and existing channel mount where required. Our engineering team can also design and manufacture the AG Stop Gate in larger dimensions and for higher service conditions while maintaining a leakage rate below the allowable standard from AWWA. For more information, please contact an Orbinox representative.